Best Stone Fireplace Paint Colors You Should Consider

Check out these inspiring designs for your painted stone fireplace. Stone fireplaces work as a great focal point in any home. With a unique texture and rustic feel, their texture and design can add so much to any room. However, a bad paint job can easily make a fireplace a sloppy, outdated feature. Understanding that […]

Fireplace brick paint

Top 5 Best Brick Fireplace Painting Products of 2024

The days of ugly red brick are over. It's 2024, and chances are if you're reading this then you're probably ready to do away with that old fireplace brick that's making your house feel dated. Luckily, it's easier (and cheaper!) than ever to transform your fireplace, instantly making it feel fresh and modern. Here's our […]

White Painted Fireplace Brick

How to Remove Paint from a Brick Fireplace

It’s common for homeowners with painted fireplaces to ask, “Can I remove paint from a brick fireplace? The answer is yes, but removing the paint from your brick fireplace can be a tedious process. Make sure you really want to remove it before you start. In many cases, a better option is to paint over […]

Girl in front of painted fireplace

How To Master Fireplace Painting

Fireplaces have been a major feature in houses throughout history. They often are built with stone or old brick that make the overall appearance of the house look older. Do you want to modernize your house? Or are you trying to change the dark feel that your fireplace brings to the room? Fireplace painting is […]

dirty firebox

How to Clean A Brick Fireplace before Painting

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and paint that tired outdated brick fireplace. Most likely, the brick has accumulated a fair amount of dust, dirt and grime over the years so the first order of business is to get it clean before you begin painting.  You may be wondering, “How do you clean a […]

Brick-Anew Fireplace Paint Makeover

$2000 to Replace Brick vs $200 Paint Kit

In the recent Seattle Times article Hygge prep: Pro tips improving and beautifying your fireplace ahead of fall, the author writes "Budget around $2000 for redoing brickwork around a fireplace. Painting brick is a much cheaper way to update the look, but Lober [a custom masonry and stove expert] doesn't recommend going that route." JiaYing […]

German Schmear: A More Rustic Fireplace Painting Option

When I first heard the term, German Schmear, I thought it was some kind of food. In my mind I pictured a delicious, savory spread for bagels.  But in reality, it’s no such thing. It’s actually...are you ready for this? A paint technique that’s super trendy right now! Who knew?? As it turns out,  the […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Painting

What is the best color to paint a fireplace? Page Contents What is the best color to paint a fireplace?Do I need heat resistant paint for my fireplace? Can you paint laminate fireplace?Can you paint fireplace surround?Can you paint MDF fire surround?Do you need special paint for your fireplace?Can you paint a cast iron fireplace? Can you […]

Transform Your Outdated Fireplace With Romabio Limewash

Painted stone and brick fireplaces seem to be all the rage these days. Just browse through the DIY magazines in your grocery store checkout lines and you’ll see articles describing stone and brick fireplace ideas, how to paint a brick or stone fireplace, and ways to do a modern stone fireplace makeover. If you scour […]

Brady Bunch Brick

Guide to Fireplace Painting Part #1: Should I Paint my Fireplace?

Dingy red brick was groovy in the 1970s, but today, not so much. It's time to get rid of that ugly brick once and for all and give your fireplace a facelift with paint!

Look Inside: A beautiful "Marble" Fireplace Mantel

One of the things we love is the ability for painting to completely transform a fireplace. On our site we have many different methods for updating an old fireplace, but this home’s fireplace has a one of a kind paint job. This gorgeous home, listed for sale at the time of writing, has a beautiful […]


Don't Miss Out on These Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas

These are my favorite fireplaces decorated for fall. I explain the design ideas behind these fireplaces so you can do the same at home!

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