Don’t Miss Out on These Fall Fireplace Decor Ideas

Today, we’re looking at my favorite fall-decorated fireplaces.  I’ll be explaining the design ideas behind these fireplaces so you can recreate something similar at home.

If you want to buy replicas of each item in your favorite fireplace picture, go ahead!  But you don’t have to.  At the end of this article, you’ll have what you need to create the perfect fall-decorated fireplace for your home.

This prefabricated fireplace hides its metal firebox by stacking pumpkins in front of the firebox.  While it looks like this is a haphazard pile, it isn’t.

If you look closely, you can see that the fireplace doors are closed.  The pumpkins are arranged very carefully right on the edge of the hearth in front of the doors.

I love that the colored pumpkins are mixed in with white pumpkins.  A few white ones give the others an extra pop of color.

Even though you can hardly see the firebox, the fireplace retains its fireplace-feel with the addition of plenty of split logs beneath it.

The hanging arrangement includes natural elements like wheat, dried and fresh leaves, and flowers; the way it gets wider towards the ends make it look full without overpowering the whole fireplace. 

Don’t miss out on fall mantel decoration just because you don’t have a fireplace mantel.  Hanging signs, banners, garlands, etc. are a great replacement.

First things first, the brick on this fireplace is just gorgeous.  If you hate your brick, you can update it yourself, preserving the natural brick look but using just paint!

If you haven’t considered this, now is definitely the time since ugly brick can ruin a beautifully decorated fireplace.

The hearth is decorated, but not covered.  This allows a clear view of the fire and you don’t have to worry about your things overheating.

fireplace with signs

This look incorporates three signs.  One is on the left side of the hearth is simple, and partially hidden.  A second is hanging over the fire itself; the hanging white beads above it add class.

The third sign sits proudly on the mantel itself.  The reason all three signs work together?  None stands out too much.  They are all in muted colors that go well with the rest of the decor.

The signs are technically Thanksgiving decorations, but they’re subtle enough to blend in during October and stand out during November.

The mantel is technically crowded, but it doesn’t have that feel due to the placement of the items.  The placement of each item is unique; one side isn’t a mirror of the other.

I also love how the decor is pulled out into the rest of the room by placing similar decor items on the coffee table.

old wood stove with fall decor

This fireplace’s focal point is the old wood stove.  It would appear it’s not in working condition since the items stacked around it indicate no one will be lighting a fire there soon.

This is a great decor technique if you don’t plan on lighting any fires this season.

This look incorporates a beautiful shade of orange without being overpowering.  The greens and natural shades complement that lovely orange shade.

The orange block of color in the picture frame on the mantel is simple and elegant especially when compared to its two sister signs on the mantel.

This decor includes the rooster, candle sticks, flower pot, and bird to really pull the firebox itself into focus.  It feels like part of the decor.

This fireplace has only some fall related items.  The others (the flour sack, tin with flowers and greenery in it, etc.) can be used year round or repurposed for another season’s decor.  That’s good utilization.

This weathered mantel may need a coat of paint in the near future, but with this fall decor, it looks great!

I love the combination of multiple creamy white colors with the greenery.

The floor, the stool, the pumpkins, the fireplace, the candles, the candle holders, and the wall are all their own shade of white.

I also adore using candles in the firebox.  This brings fire to the fireplace without the mess of roaring flames.

aging mantel with candles in the firebox

Final Thoughts

I hope these fireplaces give you inspiration to create your perfect fireplace mantel this fall season.  Don’t forget to check out some of our painting guides.

You can’t cover up ugly fireplace brick with signs and pumpkins.  If you don’t like your brick, fall is the perfect time to paint it.

All images from Pinterest.

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