Transform Your Outdated Fireplace With Romabio Limewash

Eric H.
June 10, 2023

Painted stone and brick fireplaces seem to be all the rage these days. Just browse through the DIY magazines in your grocery store checkout lines and you’ll see articles describing stone and brick fireplace ideas, how to paint a brick or stone fireplace, and ways to do a modern stone fireplace makeover. If you scour the internet, you’ll see remodeled fireplaces that have been painted a solid color and others that have been whitewashed.  But there’s another technique you might know about and that’s limewashing.

Nice Limewashed Fireplace

You may ask, “What is limewashing anyway?”  Limewashing refers to a paint process where you mix water with lime to create a thin mixture that you paint over your brick or stone to tone down the look of dark, outdated brick or stone.  You can limewash a brick fireplace or limewash a stone fireplace. Another question you probably have is, “What paint do I use to limewash a fireplace?” Here’s the good news. There’s a special limewash paint made by Romabio that has everything you need to limewash your fireplace in just a few easy steps.  

Romabio Classico Limewash allows you to transform your brick or stone fireplace and create the charm of an “Old World”  European look. This paint, made from Dolomite lime from Northern Italy, is formulated to give a natural, authentic look and comes in seven pre-tinted colors so you can choose just the right one for your home.  Oh, and guess what? If you’re undecided about which color to choose, this paint can be washed off in the first five days so you can try different colors to see which one you like best. Check out this before/after of the limewash.

Before/After Liwewash

Classico Limewash won’t chip or peel over time and will maintain its color for years.  This limewash paint has a high resistance to mold and UV rays and it’s highly durable due to its high pH content.  

So how easy is the process?   You simply mix the Classico Limewash, a concentrated lime product,  with water to create a thin paint. You can even add less water if you want a thicker paint.  Then you brush the mixture over your damp brick or stone. After about 10-60 minutes, start the wipe- off process.

Limewashed Brick Fireplace

Limewashing your brick or stone fireplace is easy enough for anyone who can use a paintbrush.  So if you’re looking for a fast, easy way to makeover your tired old brick or stone fireplace, Classico Limewash could help you get that charming distressed look for your brick or stone in just a few hours.

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