Frequently Asked Questions About Fireplace Painting

Eric H.
February 3, 2024

What is the best color to paint a fireplace?

The best color to paint a fireplace depends on your decor, your personal style, and the look you want to achieve.  Using a creamy white or another light shade will make your fireplace look fresh and new. If you prefer a bolder more dramatic look, you might choose a darker paint color like charcoal gray.

Do I need heat resistant paint for my fireplace? 

You can use a latex paint to paint your fireplace brick or stone.  However, the inside of the firebox where the fire burns gets extremely hot so that area will need a high temperature paint that can withstand high temperatures without  chipping, blistering, or peeling.

Can you paint laminate fireplace?

Yes, laminate can be painted with latex paint.

Can you paint fireplace surround?

The fireplace surround can be painted with a latex paint.  You might want to consider a creamy white or a color that matches your trim.

Can you paint MDF fire surround?

You can paint an MDF mantel surround with a latex paint.  Medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is a cheaper alternative to real wood and is made up of thin panels of wood fiber, resin and wax. 

Do you need special paint for your fireplace?

You can use a latex paint on your brick or stone.  The only area of the fireplace that requires a special paint is inside the firebox where the fire burns.  That area gets extremely hot so a special high temperature paint is needed. High temperature paint typically withstands heat up to about 1200 degrees without chipping, blistering or peeling. 

Can you paint a cast iron fireplace? 

A cast iron fireplace can be painted with an oil-based metal primer and paint.  If the fireplace is rusty or has been painted before, the paint and rust must be removed before painting again using a chemical paint stripper.   

Can you paint fireplace tile?

If so, How?  Porcelain tile, a shiny glazed ceramic tile made of clay, can be painted with acrylic latex paint or a two-part epoxy paint.  There are special paints designed specifically for tile.

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