Best Painted Brick Fireplace Before/After

Thinking about doing your own fireplace makeover? There are so many options for a complete fireplace transformation. A modern looking fireplace can change the whole feel of a room. Check out some projects below to see what a huge difference painting your fireplace can make and gather some fireplace makeover ideas for your own fireplace! If you think you are ready to learn more, take a look at our Complete Guide To Fireplace Painting.

German Smear Painting Technique- Fireplace Before/After

Before/After German Smear

Remodeling Road

Whitewashing a Brick Fireplace/ Before/After

Before/After Whitewashing

Painting a Fireplace Solid White – Before/After

Before/After Painting Fireplace White

Painting a Brick Fireplace Black – Before/After

Before/After Black Painted Fireplace