How To Remove Paint Off A Brick Fireplace

A very common question for homeowners with painted fireplaces ask “Can painted brick be restored?”

The Answer is yes, but removing the paint from your brick fireplace can be tedious process, so make sure you really want to remove it before you get started.

If you’re planning to paint over your brick fireplace again, you likely don’t need to remove the paint in most cases. Instead, you can just paint right over the original coat with a different color or use a product such as the Brick-Anew Paint Kit to get a “real brick” look instead of a painted look.  

While most red brick looks outdated, there are situations where it may make sense to keep your original brick intact. If your fireplace is made from antique brick over a hundred years old, it might be best to keep the original brick. Antique brick is beautiful on its own and should never be painted in my opinion.

If you decide that taking paint off your brick is what you need to do, here are some general guidelines:

If you have a large amount of brick, you should consider hiring a professional since the process will require so much time and effort.

If you have only a small amount of brick, you should consider doing the project yourself.  Try to find some paint stripping products that don’t have such harsh fumes as some from the past.  There are gel and paste compounds that are excellent for removing old paint.  Fabric based peeling strips can help as well.  One product I’ve seen called Strip Away looks like it can do a pretty good job.

Tip: Do not attempt to sandblast the brick or apply a heavy-duty power wash to the brick since it might damage the bricks’ surface.

How To Remove Paint from Fireplace – Must Have Materials

  • Peeling Strips
  • Sturdy Scrub Brush
  • Protective Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Drop Cloth
  • Trowel
  1. First, apply a stripping agent.  You might want to start in a inconspicuous area before you apply the agent all over the brick.  You will be able to see how well it works and get a good idea of about how much time your project will take.
  2. Next, prepare your area by laying down a drop cloth and taping it to the area around the brick.  As you scrape the paint off the bricks,you will make a mess so be sure to cover any area you want to be protected during the process.
  3. Then, make sure you have on your goggles and gloves and begin scraping off any loose paint.  Apply the stripping compound to the bricks.
  4. After the compound has been applied, get the peeling strips and start positioning them on the bricks by pressing them down into place.  Overlap the strips to cover all the brick.  Let the strips set according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Remember to be patient since it sometimes takes up to an entire day for the strips to work.
  5. After enough time has passed, begin lifting the strips.  As you carefully peel off each strip, the paint beneath should come off with the strip.  Use either the scrub brush or the trowel to remove any leftover paint or residue after the strip has been removed. Rinse the brick with water.

Removing Brick Paint
Stripping Paint Off Fireplace

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