11 Chalk Paint Influencers Guaranteed To Inspire You

Eric H.
January 5, 2024

Whether you're planning to chalk paint your fireplace, your mantel, your surrounding furniture, or all the above, we've collected some of the best online resources to give you the knowledge and inspiration you need before you begin your project. Here's a list of our favorite chalk painting bloggers, influencers, and experts:


1. Annie Sloan


You can't talk about chalk paint without talking about Annie Sloan. While some newer brand names have crept their way into the market in the recent years, Annie Sloan is still widely considered one of the leading experts and pioneers of chalk paint. Even if the Annie Sloan brand name is a little out of your budget, be sure to check out her website, which is filled with an impressive collection of in-depth tutorial videos and informational articles that can help turn you from an amateur chalk painter to an expert overnight.


2. Painted Love


Originally selected as Annie Sloan's painter in residence, UK native Jonathon Marc Mendes has since gone on to start his own academy, Painted Love, to share his knowledge with furniture painters all across the globe. Jonathon is known for his creative and complex finishes, showcasing how chalk painting is truly an art form.

If you're looking to graduate from the basics, head over to Jonathon's YouTube channel or Facebook page for excellent walkthrough and tutorial videos. Jonathon also offers an affordable masterclass on his website, which covers all of his advanced painting techniques.


3. Patience & Gough


While they may not be giving away many secrets, duo Alice Patience and Oliver Gough consistently produce some of the most mind-blowing furniture transformations. Their intricate and innovative style makes for some of the most unique upcycled furniture pieces we've ever seen.

It's pretty much impossible to visit their gorgeous website and not walk away inspired to transform your entire home. Also be sure to follow the duo on Instagram to keep up with all their newest projects, as well as their wiener dog, Miss Saveloy Sausage.


4. Kacha


Furniture artist Kacha's YouTube channel is stuffed with dozens of super informative chalk painting tutorial videos. If you're looking to do something a bit out-of-the-box but scared to try it on your own, head on over to Kacha's channel for the confidence and guidance you need.

Also make sure to follow Kacha on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok!


5. In My Own Style


While Diane Henkler's DIY decorating blog In My Style isn't solely focused on chalk painting like the ones mentioned above, she has posted over 40 different furniture painting projects.

It's no secret that making your own chalk paint gives you the best bang for your buck. Diane has also experimented with her own DIY chalk paint recipe, and continues to update it as she improves upon her own formula.


6. Girl In Blue Designs


Fellow Georgian Charlie Massey is one of the newest names pushing the envelope in the chalk painting world. Her Facebook and Instagram pages are filled with fun upcycling projects, like this awesome transformation of a stock IKEA dresser, with the occasional cameo from her adorable cat Julia.


7. Stylish Patina


When it comes to chalk paint, Kelly Millspaugh's blog Stylish Patina mostly stays true to one brand: Jolie Paint. But with her breathtaking photos, she'll certainly make you a believer.

Kelly has transformed all sorts of furniture from armoires to upright pianos. She'll also occasionally utilize milk paint and enamel paint for her projects, so if you are curious about either of these chalk paint alternatives, make sure to head on over to her blog!


8. Pretty Distressed


Christina Muscari is the name behind Pretty Distressed, a blog dedicated solely to furniture painting. While her blog is full of great articles, her YouTube channel is particularly helpful, featuring chalk painting transformations, live Q&A's, and in-depth product comparison videos with some of the most popular brand names.


9. Shed Eleven


Listed by The Times as one of the top 5 upcyclers to follow on Instagram, Australian sisters-in-law Fanny Clarsen and Jemma Wlasichuk have made a name for themselves with their creative and eccentric style.  We absolutely love the facelift they gave to this end table using real leaves from their garden! Visit their website to learn more about their award-winning painting services. And if you're lucky enough to live in the land down under, they may be willing to come to you!


10. Ildiko Horvath


Made famous by her popularization of the "ombré" technique, Ildiko Horvath utilizes bright and bold colors. A quick look through her Instagram might just give you the courage you need to take that big risk on your next chalk painting project!

Ildiko also offers several in-depth video tutorials of her techniques (yes, including ombré) that's available to purchase on her Etsy shop.


11. Maisie's House


Rounding out our list is Annie Sloan's newest painter-in-residence, Chloe Kempster. Chloe's playful and eclectic style gives a glimpse into the future of chalk painting. Her website, Maisie's House, is filled with fun ideas sure to inspire you. Here's what Chloe has to say about her style:

I don't believe in following trends and prefer to produce completely one off pieces that people will really fall in love with, furniture that you simply can't get anywhere else!

Ready to create your own one-of-a-kind piece? Read our chalk painting guide here.

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