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November 8, 2023

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How To Remove Paint Off A Brick Fireplace

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Are you asking yourself, “Why in the world should I paint my brick fireplace?”  Here are some reasons to help you think through your decision.

Increases the value of your home. If you’re trying to sell your house and need to update your fireplace, paint is a “quick fix” that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Most people don’t realize that even with the simple change of painting your fireplace, you can increase the sales value of your home. As the focal point of a room, fireplaces either add to or take away from the entire atmosphere of a room. Painting the brick transforms a room from being dark and grim to bright and modern.

Below you’ll find help on how to choose a paint and color that’s perfect for your room as well as a step by step description on how to paint your fireplace. This project will not disappoint when you’re trying to modernize your home and get the sales value it deserves."

Quick, easy, and immediate results

Even if you’re not a DIY pro, painting brick is not a project that requires a lot of skill. Grab a paintbrush and a can of paint and you’re off and running. If you’re in a hurry to complete the project, painting a brick fireplace can be done pretty quickly unless your brick wall or fireplace is extremely large. Even then, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days to finish.

Depending on what kind of paint project you decide on (there are several options), you might need additional materials, but we’ll get to that a little later. As soon as you start applying the paint to your brick, you’ll see immediate results. That feeling of “Why didn’t I do this a long time ago?!? There’s something satisfying about the immediate gratification you feel about covering up ugly brick that just makes you smile.

No need to hire a contractor

Painting your brick is a project you can do yourself without having to hire expensive contractors. You could hire the project to be done by a professional that could charge anywhere from $500 - $2000, depending on the complexity of the project. But this article is here to show you that paying a professional to paint your brick is so unnecessary because the project is so simple. With the proper tools and paint, it’s possible to make your fireplace look as if it was painted by a professional while spending less than a quarter of a contractor’s price.

Cheaper than resurfacing

Compared to other options like tearing out the brick or resurfacing with another material like tile, granite, or stone, painting your fireplace is a much cheaper alternative. There are many options to choose from when trying to decide how to remodel your brick fireplace. One option is to tear out the entire fireplace and rebuild it with a new color brick. Other materials you could use to rebuild or resurface your fireplace include stacked stone, marble, stucco, sheetrock, granite, wood, and metal. These remodeling options would require hiring a contractor unless you have some seriously impressive construction skills. The cost on these projects ranges from $3,000 to $8,000."

Enjoy time by the fire again

Why let an ugly fireplace ruin the look of your room? You deserve a beautiful spot to unwind after a long day.The best part of coming home after a day at work is lounging on the couch with either a good book, a glass of wine, or your favorite TV show. During your few hours of relaxation, the last thing you want on your mind is how ugly your fireplace looks. By painting your brick fireplace, you create a new ambiance for your room - warm, cozy, and appealing.

You can always change your mind

The great thing about painting your fireplace is that it is an easy, “do it yourself” project that leaves your fireplace looking like a professional worked on it. The paint is a reasonable price and the small number of tools that you need will allow you to keep a low budget. Painting your fireplace is also a smarter alternative to re-bricking because it is never permanent. After you finish painting and contouring your fireplace and you’ve found that you chose the wrong color or you don’t like the overall look, you can always paint over it with a new color!

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