The Best Chalk Paint Colors from Each Chalk Paint Brand

Ted Slater
December 6, 2023

Chalk paint has quickly spread from a DIY project that had to be mixed and pigmented at home to a national phenomenon with dozens of brands and thousands of colors to choose from. While you can find a pale pink and a turquoise-y blue in almost every brand’s color collection, each brand has a few unique colors to offer.

This guide pulls some of the best colors from each brand so that you can find the best color (and brand) for your project!

While Home Depot sells quite a number of chalk paint products, its two best selling brands are Annie Sloan and Behr. These two brands are at their best on different sides of the color spectrum so choosing between them is as simple as choosing the color you’re looking for.

Greyed-out blues and purples

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors

The Annie Sloan collection has some pretty standard colors but, these greyed-out purples and blues are unique to her collection. These shades are a great way to incorporate lots of color without getting too bright or overbearing.

Paloma would be stunning on picture frames hung on a dark wall. I can see Napoleonic Blue on chair cushions or pillows. Consider using Louis Blue in your bathroom for an airy feel or Rodmell on your lamp shades to give your room a purple glow.

Equally appropriate on walls, fabric, and furniture, these colors will add a lux look to a space without overwhelming you with color.

Yellows and greens

Behr Chalk Paint Colors

Behr’s gorgeous green and yellow pallets have so much character. These colors contain a lot of life.

Bring in the sunshine with Farmhouse White and Summer Porch or embrace an old world villa feel with Fresh Earth and Vintage Mustard. Go seaside with Ice Water and Surf; have a garden party with Vineyard Passage and Green Silk.

If you’re looking for a yellow or green chalk paint, this is the collection I’d turn to first.

Valspar and Krylon

Lowe's Chalk Paint Colors

The two main chalk paint brands sold at Lowe’s are Valspar and Krylon. Let’s look at the best colors from each!

Pastels and custom colors

Valspar Chalk Paint Colors

Valspar’s color collection was somewhat disappointing. However, their pallet did contain these pretty pastels, which could be lovely on crafts or on a garden gate.

Valspar does offer custom color tinting so this a good brand to choose if you need a color match or a very specific shade.

Off-whites and light neutrals

Krylon Chalk Paint Colors

I was amazed by the wide range of shades Krylon offered, especially when it comes to light neutrals and off-whites. I have never seen a brand offer so many color choices.

Hover over each color to see the name, or click on the color to be taken to the color page on the Lowe’s website.

When it comes to neutrals and off-whites, a small difference in shade or undertone can make a big difference. Having a large selection available is incredibly helpful!

My favorite colors in this collection are Bay Waves (fourth row, first column), Ibis White (second row, third column), and Pale Bloom (bottom row, last column). However, the beauty of this collection is not in one particular color but in having a variety of tones to choose from for your project.

Waverly Chalk Paint Colors

Like the Valspar collection, the Waverly chalk paint line doesn’t have a lot going for it. There aren’t many colors to choose from, and of the options you do have, there aren’t many good choices.

The four colors to the left stood out to me as good choices for a simple orange, blue, red-orange, and red. They have an iconic feel that I like. Overall, however, I would not recommend this collection.

Bold (but not overbearing) colors

Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Colors

I love the Dixie Belle color collection. It is full of beautiful colors, but these six are my favorites.

These colors are bright and bold, but not at all overwhelming. They are highly pigmented without the overstated look that neon colors have.

I highly recommend these colors and any of the colors from the Dixie Belle line

Folk Art Chalk Paint Colors

The olive tones in the FolkArt collection are simply lovely. These would be beautiful chalk paint colors for furniture. They have an old world feel that look beautiful when distressed.

Consider using the sage shadow on a bedside table or the Savannah on a patio set. These colors will add a little bit of luxury to whatever space you use them in.


RustOleum Chalk Paint Colors

The Rustoleum chalk paint line is very limited. These colors to the right are all that they offer. Even though the selection is limited, it is very popular.

I personally don’t love any of these colors, but if you like one, this is a good brand to purchase from. Rust-Oleum makes a high-quality product.

Chalk Spray Paint Colors

Unfortunately, spray-on chalk paints are still somewhat new, and there are not a ton of colors available yet. However brands like Krylon and Rust-Oleum have some aerosol chalk paints in popular colors.

Final Thoughts

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