TerryBrick: A Unique Brick Transformation Project

April 9, 2023

If you have an old fireplace or any boring wall and are looking to do a full makeover, a TerryBrick Project may be for you. TerryBrick is so amazing because it does not need to be done on old brick, it can be done on any old wall.

The TerryBrick Process takes any surface and completely transforms it with a 3D design that feels like real brick to the touch. The finished product changes the whole vibe of a room and gives the surface a natural look and feel. TerryBrick can take an old ugly wall or fireplace and transform it in to a completely unique, fresh looking piece of art. See one of the fireplace makeovers below.

TerryBrick Fireplace

The best thing about TerryBrick: You don't have to do any work yourself. Terry and her crew take care of everything over 2 days. They prepare the space, make sure no furniture or surroundings are exposed to the painting process, and then complete the transformation on the second day.

A TerryBrick makeover is truly an astonishing change to your home and will add such a unique look and feel to any room.

Terry Brick Fireplace

Terry and her crew have updated hundreds of rooms since 2003 and continue to improve their one of a kind process.

The cost for a TerryBrick Project will vary based on location and size. You can go to the TerryBrick website to get a personalized quote.

If you are looking for a lower cost, DIY alternative to the TerryBrick Project for a brick makeover, we highly recommend the Brick-Anew Paint Kit. For $200 this paint kit comes with everything you need to give your brick fireplace a complete makeover and is a similar style to the TerryBrick process.

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