Comparing the Top 6 Brick Sealers on Amazon

Ted Slater
July 13, 2023

Making an informed buying decision is hard. Dozens of brick sealers with hundreds of reviews and endless lines of product information can be daunting to search through, which is why we did it for you.

These are the best-selling brick sealants on Amazon and the essential information you need to know about each one. I’ve included info from the product descriptions plus tips and warnings from the reviews. Each product is summarized with the application it is best suited for so you can find the perfect product for your individual situation.

We’re starting with this sealer because it is very unique. LastiSeal is the only polyester-based sealer on the market. Once applied, the sealant soaks deep into the brick pores and cures to strengthen, protect, and seal.

The sealer does not form a surface film. It cures inside the bricks to waterproof and strengthen them. It also provides UV protection and allows the brick to breathe.

The sealant is low in VOCs and won’t damage plants. It can be used in indoor and outdoor applications and applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer. Because this is a penetrating sealer, the brick won’t be slippery when wet.

Unlike other sealers, LastiSeal will last at least 15 years before a reapplication is needed, and the manufacturer RadonSeal offers a 15 year warranty. It can be used on indoor or outdoor applications.

Multiple customers commented on the friendly customer service they received when they had questions, and, overall, customers are incredibly impressed with the product.

The five gallon container will cover 150-225 square feet. The manufacturer doesn’t specify whether one or two coats will be necessary. Some customers were happy with one coat; others applied two.

For a one coat application, the sealer costs $0.97-$1.46 per square foot; for a two coat application, it costs $1.94-$2.92 per square foot.

This product is versatile and works well in a variety of applications. It is equally suitable for high-traffic areas (brick pavers) as a brick wall that you want to seal and forget about. You can even seal your fireplace and then paint it (with anything but a latex paint).

LastiSeal is available in a flat finish that won’t change the appearance of the brick or in a satin finish.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic-based sealers work by creating a thin, clear film that bonds with the surface of the brick. This film will protect the brick from absorbing water, oil, and stains. Unfortunately, the film also makes the surface of the brick slippery when wet.

Acrylic-based brick and masonry sealers only provide surface-level protection. They do not reinforce the brick like other sealers do.

Each of the acrylic sealers in this list has an additive that protects the sealer from UVs so it won’t peel or yellow. They also seal the brick while allowing it to breathe, which is important to maintain the durability of your bricks.
This is a water-based brick and mortar sealer with low VOCs. I would only recommend applying it in a well-ventilated area.

This sealer provides a wet-look, low-gloss finish. It works on all brick surfaces if previously unsealed. It will not work on bricks previously sealed with oil-based sealers.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify how many coats are necessary, but most customers apply two. The one gallon container will cover 250-400 square feet . Price per square foot with two coats is $0.14-$0.22.

Customers’ main complaint with this product is that it can leave milky-white streaks in the cured surface film. The manufacturer does not provide a length of time the sealer is designed to last; it may need to be reapplied every year.

Foundation Armor AR350

This is a solvent-based sealer, which means it has moderate VOCs. Be sure the area you’re applying in is well-ventilated, and wear a mask.

This sealer provides a wet-look with a low-gloss finish. It must be applied to an unsealed surface or a surface previously sealed with a solvent-based acrylic only. This sealant doesn’t work on natural clay or stone, only brick pavers.

The five gallon container will cover up to 437.5 square feet with two coats (two coats are recommended by the manufacturer). Price per square foot is $0.51.

The seal should last 1-3 years outdoors or 5-7 years indoors.

Black Diamond Coatings Dominator Sealer

This is a water-based sealer, contains very few VOCs, and has no harsh smell.

The sealer provides a wet-look, low-gloss finish.

The five gallon container covers between 625 and 1000 square feet with two coats (not all applications will need two coats). Price per square foot is $0.42-$0.27.

The seal should last 2-5 years.


These acrylic-based products are best suited for indoor brick where risk of spillage (and thus risk of slipping) is low (e.g. not a bathroom or kitchen floor).

I would recommend the Dominator Sealer over both others for it’s low VOCs and moderate price. Each brand offers the same product with different gloss levels as well:

However, acrylic sealers are the weakest contender in our lineup. A sealer that will need to be reapplied every year and will be slippery when wet isn’t a great choice for a brick-paver patio or pool area. I only recommend acrylic sealers for indoor applications, where they’ll last longer and where rain won’t pose a safety hazard.

Silane Siloxane Sealers

Silane siloxane sealers are absorbed into brick to reduce water absorption by 95%. Since the sealer works inside the brick, water will not always bead up on the surface. However, sealed brick sustains less water damage, dries faster, and is easier to clean than unsealed brick.

In the top ten brick sealers on Amazon there are two silane siloxane-based sealers. They are both sold by Foundation Armor. Both these sealers are approved by the Department of Transportation in several states “as a penetrating concrete sealer for use on roadways and bridgedecks to reduce damage and deterioration caused by water absorption.”

The sealers don’t leave behind any surface film so the surface won’t be slippery when wet. You won’t get a wet-look or glossy finish either. The sealer works without changing the appearance of the brick.

These sealers should only be applied to unsealed surfaces and will work on natural brick and brick pavers. The seal should last 7-10 years.

A five gallon container covers between 87.5 and 112.5 square feet with two coats. The price per square foot is between $1.99 and $2.57.

You can get this sealer in a solvent based form (SX5000) or a water based form (SX5000WB). There is no difference in the seal you can achieve with each product. The water-based version is more popular among customers.

The solvent-based sealer will break down the parts in a typical sprayer, and it has a very noxious smell. I recommend the water-based version so you don’t have to invest in a specialty sprayer and respiratory gear.

I would still recommend the LastiSeal over this product since the LastiSeal lasts almost twice as long while strengthening the brick. However, if you decide a silane siloxane sealer is the best choice for your project, the SX5000WB is a good choice.

Final Thoughts

If your brick looks old and faded, an acrylic-based sealer like the Dominator will help bring life back into your brick. But for a longer seal and better protection, the LastiSeal polyester-based brick sealer is the best way to go.

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