Brick-Anew Fireplace Painting: A Natural Brick Look

Are you looking for a fireplace painting technique that lets you keep a real brick look? The Brick-Anew fireplace paint kit makes it easy to get a fresh, lighter look for ugly outdated brick that doesn’t look like you just slapped on a can of paint.  With everything you need in the Brick-Anew all inclusive DIY kit, you’re ready to get started with your project as soon as it arrives at your front door.

Retailing at $199.50, the kit includes 5 shades of a latex paint product formulated for use on brick, medium and small paint brushes, a paint tray, painter’s tape, a sponge, rollers, a roller handle, and a protective glove.  Detailed instructions take you step by step through the process so it’s more like following a recipe than being artistic.

I spoke with Tanya in the Brick-Anew customer service department.  “Brick-Anew has been around for over 10 years. People are always so happy to find our website”, she says.  “Our product makes it look like you tore out your ugly brick and replaced it with a lighter colored new brick.”


So many houses built in the 1970’s have dark outdated brick fireplaces, some even with black mortar.  There are several options on how to remodel including tearing out the whole thing and rebuilding with stone, marble, or granite which could cost thousands of dollars or just slapping on a coat of paint to cover it up.  

Some homeowners don’t like the idea of painting a solid color over all their brick because they don’t like a “painted” look.  The unique aspect of Brick-Anew is that the brick doesn’t look like it’s been painted. It really looks like brick.

Brick-Anew Before/After

Dawn Gratton bought a Brick-Anew paint kit to update her dark red fireplace. She describes how much she loves her new look.  “Brick-Anew has drastically updated and modernized not only my brick fireplace but my entire living room. The process was easy and only took me one day.”

Brick Paint Before/After

“Still some homeowners, especially men, don’t like the idea of covering up brick with any kind of paint”, says Tanya.   “No matter how ugly the brick is, they are still hesitant to paint over it.” But she is quick to point out that if the brick is ugly and not enjoyable, something needs to be done to improve the look and paint is the least expensive option, especially if you can use a technique like Brick-Anew that gives you a lighter real brick look.  

She laughs as she recalls the time a man with a gruff voice called the  Brick-Anew customer service. “My wife used that Brick-Anew product on our fireplace while I was out of town.  I’m a truck driver and I didn’t know she was gonna do it.”

Thinking he might be upset, Tanya says she thought, “Oh no, what’s coming next.”

Then he continued, “I can’t believe it looks like real brick.  I hate to say it but I like it. Just wanted to call and let you know.”  Whew!

Another time a woman called and told a story about having contractors in her house doing various projects for several weeks.  On the contractors’ day off, the woman decided to use Brick-Anew to paint her fireplace.

The next day the contractors came back and asked if the brick masons had come and how they got finished and cleaned up so fast.  She explained she had used a paint kit to get a real brick look.

She said the contractors were up close, looking at the brick and touching it.  They didn’t believe her since the paint looked just like real brick.

Brick-Anew currently offers their paint kit in 3 color schemes. Here’s a video to help you decide which works best for your home:


So if you’re looking for an easy solution to outdated or solid painted brick and you want a real brick look, you might want to give Brick-Anew a try.  There’s a money back guarantee, so what have you got to lose? For around $200 for a kit, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

And you just might end up loving your new fireplace and wonder why you didn’t remodel it sooner.  Learn more with some useful links below

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Before/After Pictures

Brick-Anew Paint Colors

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